Clamping plates are designed suitably for different area loads and applications. The plates can be individually configured in length, width, and height as well as regarding their rib structure. Position and quality of the T-slots and customer-specific hole patterns are also flexibly realized.

To provide proof of the necessary stiffness, the layout of every clamping plate with large loads is based on FEM calculations. Depending on the load, clamping plates can be used as standalone solutions or mounted on a concrete foundation to increase stiffness using our dynamically fatigue rated anchorage system. Generally speaking, a clamping plate offers the optimal precision interface for test rig components of all kinds that is necessary for safe and effective testing.

In the field of structural testing of component parts, CFM Schiller assists their customers during all phases of product development.

Load frame 700 kN

Load frame 700 kN

Whether it is an innovate concept, design or testing, a component or full system – our engineers provide the know-how you need.

For structural testing of component parts, we develop and manufacture the following products:

  • Prefabricated foundations
  • Strong floors
  • Load frames with load capacity up to 30 MN
  • Uniaxial and biaxial shaker tables with dimensions up to 19.6’ x 19.6’
  • Clamping plates
  • Clamping tables
  • Test rigs for materials testing