Type MBZ


CFM Air Springs type MBZ have a natural frequency between 3 Hz and 5 Hz, depending on size and inflation pressure. A load capacity between 0.65 and 100 kN per air spring can be achieved.

The type MBZ air spring is primarily used as an isolation element for high-frequency oscillations. The ratio of vertical to horizontal stiffness is approximately 1. These air springs are therefore ideal vibration isolators for oscillations with large horizontal components. They can be installed without anchoring or with optional mounting plates. The level range is up to ±6 mm (±0.23 inches).

The CFM Air Spring type MBZ is an enclosed air volume that must be inflated and deflated through a Schrader valve. Under constant loads, the pressure in the air spring is manually adjusted. The air springs are then operated without any level or pressure control system by default. Alternatively, the air springs can be connected to a pneumatic control system when loads vary regularly. The air springs can be operated without pressure at a static natural frequency of 8 Hz. 

Air Spring MBZ

Offered Sizes

ModelInflation Pressure [bar]Load Capacity [kN]Natural Frequency (stat.) [Hz]
MBZ 6.51 - 50.653 - 5
MBZ 181 - 51.83 - 5
MBZ 281 - 62.83 - 5
MBZ 601 - 663 - 5
MBZ 1301 - 6133 - 5
MBZ 2601 - 6263 - 5
MBZ 5501 - 6553 - 5
MBZ 10001 - 61003 - 5