A pressure control system is an alternative control mechanism for CFM Air Spring Systems beside level control systems. The pressure control system allows manual adjustment of a vibration isolation or any other structure that is supported through air springs.

Pressure Control Type DC 300

This control system is exclusively applicable with air springs type BZ and DBZ. These types of air springs change their effective cross-section area with varying working height. Therefore, they can be pressure controlled. When a vibration isolation is carried out as three-point support, each of the 3 air spring systems is an individual control loop. The pressure in each control loop can be adjusted manually through a pressure regulator, when the level has changed due to a change of load.

The CFM Pressure Control DC 300 comprises three manual pressure regulators and a supply pressure regulator with integrated pressure gauge. The alternating supply pressure is reduced to the desired constant operating pressure. The supply pressure must always be greater than the operating pressure.

Supply pressure: 6 to 10 bar.

Pressure Control Type DC 400

The CFM Pressure Control DC 400 is used for pressure control of four-point supports of large and soft structures. It features pressure gauges on each of the 4 manual pressure regulators.