The electronic level control system type EC 303 serves as an automatic level control for position-controlled air spring systems. This 3-point control can be used with all CFM Air Springs. The EC 303 is primarily suited for vibration isolation systems with high positioning accuracy, a great number of air springs, or a demand for frequent lifting and lowering.

The EC 303 system comprises one main control unit with user interface and the electronic position controller as well as three level control boxes with integrated sensors. Each control box is attached to the seismic mass and monitors one of the three air spring systems. A level control box consists of a valve terminal, pressure sensors with seven-segment display, and wear-free, magnetostrictive position sensors.

The level control unit offers the user all control features for the entire vibration isolation system. The unit’s user interface has 4 analog pressure gauges to monitor the inlet pressure and the three individual system pressures. Via a color touch display, all functions can be accessed and the status and level of the system can be monitored. The basic operations "Lifting", "Lowering", and "Exhaust Air Springs" are easily applicable. In order to move the test rig in recurring positions and inclinations, the customer can define and save three different specified positions. The process of automatically moving into and holding position allows flexible, quick, and cost-saving testing.

  • The control accuracy of the level control systems can be as precise as ±0.1 mm, depending on the installed sensor system.
  • Optional: additional visualization of the level control via a Windows-based application.
  • Optional: amplitude surveillance and automatic switching of natural frequency.
Type EC
Type EC