The level control systems type MC 300-S and MC 300-MAS serve as mechanical level controls for position-controlled air spring systems with 3 control loops.

The MC 300-S comes with 3 level control boxes, which are mounted on the seismic mass. This system can be used with all CFM Air Springs except for the type MAS.

The MC 300-MAS level control systems is used for vibration isolation systems with type MAS air springs. Since CFM Air Springs type MAS have their own built-on level control valves, the MC 300-MAS does not come with any level control boxes.

4 pressure gauges show the inlet pressure as well as the operating pressure of each of the three air spring systems (control loops).

For special applications, in which large and soft structures must be supported, a standard three-point support is not sufficient. In these cases, MC 400-S and MC 400-MAS are used as they can control support systems with 4 control loops.

The accuracy of the level control systems can be as precise as ±0.1 mm, depending on the installed control valve.

Type MC