Tilting Test Rigs

Tilting test rigs from CFM Schiller are applied in many fields of vehicle and engine development. They simulate operating conditions like inclination, acceleration and deceleration for performance testing.

CFM Schiller designs, manufactures, and installs tilting test rigs in 1-axial and 2-axial versions. They are developed for high-dynamic applications. An inclination test rig, which is a special type of tilting test rig, is used for quasi-static testing.

Tilting Test Rig for Transmissions

For examination of lubrication and foaming characteristics of vehicle transmissions under realistic conditions, CFM Schiller offers high-dynamic, 2-axial tilting test rigs.

The transmission to be tested is placed on the tilt platform, connected to an input dynamometer and an output dynamometer.

The tilt platform has been optimized regarding weight and stiffness. The demands of high accelerations and large masses in motion are met this way while simultaneously reducing loading on the actuator that drives the test rig.

The given tilting test rig has a tilt platform measuring 7 m x 4 m (22.9’ x 13.1’). Each axis allows a tilting angle of ±53° and a tilting velocity of 30°/s.

Tilting test rig for transmissions from CFM Schiller

Tilting Test Rig for Combustion Engines

2-axial tilting test rigs from CFM Schiller are particularly applied in development of internal combustion engines. They are used for examination of lubrication characteristics during operation under varying inclination.

This testing procedure is of high importance for combustion engines in off-road vehicles, forestry and agricultural machinery, construction machinery as well as ships.

CFM Schiller develops tilting test rigs for dynamic testing about 2 axes; the longitudinal axis and the transversal axis of the engine. Both axes feature a tilting angle of at least ±45°. Tilting velocities are continuously controlled. Depending on application and the corresponding design, the test rig is driven with servo-controlled hydraulic motors, electric motors with transmission, or with hydraulic or electric linear actuators.

CFM Tilting Test Rigs provide a control system for the respective drive units. Operation can be carried out via hand panel with digital display (touch screen). An interface to the superior engine test rig control system is available. This allows desired values and profiles for the tilting angle to be set externally. Both input dynamometer and specimen engine are controlled with external systems from well-known manufacturers.

2-axial tilting test rig for engines (X and Y axis: ±50°)