Spring Clamping Cylinders

Spring clamping cylinders from CFM Schiller have proved themselves as compact and maintenance-free clamping elements for static and dynamic applications. They are used whenever automated clamping and releasing from one central location is required. The control of the hydraulically operating spring clamping cylinders can be integrated into other electrical systems of the plant, such as test rig controls or emergency stop circuits.

To release the spring clamping cylinder, an integrated pressure piston compresses a stack of disk springs, which are designed to create the necessary clamping force. By compressing them, the clamping anchor becomes unstressed and releases the component that is to be moved. When the hydraulic pressure is switched off, the disk springs apply the required clamping force again.  

Operating pressure: 210-280 bar

Positioning unit with spring clamping cylinders from CFM Schiller
Spring Clamping Cylinder ModelMax. adjustable clamping force at 210 bar
FSZ 6059,7 kN
FSZ 125125,6 kN
FSZ 200248 kN
FSZ 250248 kN
Spring clamping cylinder type FSZ 60
Application of spring clamping cylinders
Positioning unit with spring clamping cylinders
Spring Clamping Cylinder Type FSZ 60