Pressure Control Systems DC

Pressure Control Typ DC 300

A pressure control can only be used with air springs of the type BZ and DBZ. The pressure-control DC300 integrates the supply unit to adjust the input pressure, to drain the water from the compressed air and decouple the VIS from the air supply. The input pressure is shown in a pressure gauge.

With three pressure regulators the pressure in the three sub systems can be adjusted. Due to the design of the air springs BZ and DBZ the working heights can be adjusted by adjusting the pressure in the air springs.

It has to be remarked that the heights of the air springs will change if the load on the air spring is changing. The working level is not readjusted.


Pressure Control Typ DC 400

The CFM Pressure Control DC 400 is used for pressure control of four-point supports of large and soft structures. It features pressure gauges on each of the 4 manual pressure regulators.