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TESVOLT battery storage put into operation

CFM continues to invest to reduce CO2 emissions.

We have set ourselves the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions caused by our engineering and administrative work and production facilities as much as possible.

Therefore, we have now invested in a 432 kWh TESVOLT battery storage system. The storage is fed by our modern 333 KW photovoltaic system, which consists of 1074 monocrystalline Q.Cells - Q.PEAK high-performance modules with 310 KW, 6 SMA TriPower Core 1 inverters and the SOLAR LOG management system.

With the installation of the TESVOLT battery storage system, we are now able to produce about 82% instead of 70% of our annual electricity demand in a CO2-neutral way.

In addition, we continuously invest in new production facilities with low energy consumption and in energy-saving lighting.

CFM Schiller GmbH – 40 Years of Experience

Competence in development and manufacturing

 … in the field of vibration-isolated systems for test rig technology and industrial applications have made us the innovative company we are today. We are your professional, worldwide represented partner for standard solutions and of course for custom-designed individual solutions.

We do not solely see ourselves as a product manufacturer, but as a system supplier in general. Our in-house production offers you technically and economically optimized solutions.