Prefabricated Foundations

Prefabricated foundations are small seismic masses as fully finished components made of concrete – with or without clamping plate. CFM Schiller manufactures prefabricated foundations with a maximum weight of 35 t and a width of up to 3 000 mm. 

Seismic masses as prefabricated components offer the following advantages:

  • No construction activity or concrete works on your premises
  • Short installation time onsite
  • Integration of the anchoring system is carried out in-house at CFM Schiller. This is more cost-effective compared to doing so in your facilities
  • No additional onsite curing time
  • Can be transported to another location anytime - a major advantage in terms of flexibility
  • Clean, smooth and cost-effective concrete surfaces thanks to system formwork
  • Good damping properties
  • Precise surface with high load-bearing capacity thanks to the cast iron or steel clamping plates or base plates
  • The foundations are equipped with the necessary lifting eyes making it possible to easily transport them into your building
Fertigfundament für 2-axialen servohydraulischen Prüfstand
Fertigfundament mit Stahl­federisolatoren
Fertigfundament für Elektroshaker
Fertigfundament mit Aufspannplatte