Extensive and significant testing of the wind power systems become a fundamental aspect of future development processes in this industry. Detailed long-term measurement of loads during operation are the base to define testing specifications. Future testing of wind power systems will become increasingly realistic.

Today and in the future, wind power plays a continuously increasing role in the power generation worldwide. Rapidly growing demands for plant reliability are caused by – amongst others – steadily increasing hub and component sizes, installation at poorly accessible locations, numerous small wind turbines in private households, expectation of a long service life, and large maintenance intervals.

CFM Schiller is the ideal partner for these challenges due to our years of versatile experience in design of test rigs, especially for large-scale applications. Testing systems for the automotive and aviation industry, agricultural and construction machinery, in power plants, on oil platforms, and for many research institutions are carefully calculated, designed, manufactured, and installed by CFM Schiller. With regard to the continuous expansion of our know-how, it is only logical for us at CFM Schiller to apply our "Everything from one source" approach combined with our manufacturing quality to the broad field of wind power technology.    

Rotor blade testing system from CFM Schiller