Type EC

The electronic level control unit EC303 is a full automatic level control unit for air springs. The EC303 can be run with all types of air springs. The EC 303 comprises of the electronic level controller with three control circuits. The level control unit is operated via a touch display. Furthermore the actual input pressure and the pressure in the three sub systems is shown by analog pressure gauges.

The control valves are located in three solid industrial boxes close to the air springs and the position sensors. The control accuracy is up to +/-0,01mm depending on the resolution of the chosen position sensors.

The functionality of the EC303 comprises:

  • Lifting and lowering of vibration isolation system
  • Deflate of vibration isolation system
  • Fast lifting and lowering of vibration isolation system
  • Manual set of nominal level for each sub system
  • Preset of three nominal levels as short key
  • Switching of vertical natural frequency (if additional volumes are installed).
  • Display of actual level
  • Display of actual pressure (input Pressure and subsystem pressure)


  • Automatic switch of natural frequency if the system build up.
  • Realtime display of sensor values in a graph
EC 303