Elastomer Elements

Elastomer elements from CFM Schiller are suited as vibration isolation elements, when the excitation frequencies are above 12 Hz (720 min-1). When applied properly, they effectively minimize vibrations and structure-borne sound. Elastomer springs are easy to install and feature a very high internal damping. CFM Schiller calculates and provides elastomer elements that perfectly suit your individual application.


  • Round elastomer springs with different load capacities and grades of shore hardness.
  • Elastomer bars in different lengths and grades of shore hardness.

Rubber Metal Bars

Fields of application:

  • Universal support elements for very large masses. Adaption to load through chosen length of bar. Therefore suitable for supports with asymmetric position of center of mass.
  • Medium vertical natural frequencies with very good lateral stability. 

Rubber metal bars are particularly suited as elastic support of heavy and extremely heavy machinery, equipment, and foundations. A practice-oriented range of products and sizes offers individual solutions. The length of the bars can be customized according to the applied loads. Rubber metal bars are the ideal elements for support systems with different loads on the individual supporting points. 

Elastomer Springs - Round

Fields of application:

  • Versatile standard elastomer springs for regular requirements.
  • For heavy applications with little available space. 
  • For anchorage-free installation of machines with low excitation forces. 

Round elastomer springs are the ideal solution for elastic support of small to medium masses in all areas of machine, equipment, and engine design. Various sizes and versions are available with different connection interfaces to provide design freedom for diverse applications. 

Elastomer Machine Mounts

Fields of application:

  • Spring elements with high load capacity. Very similar spring constants in vertical and lateral direction.
  • Optionally with breakaway protection and square flange with four ground attachment points.
  • Optionally with rectangular flange and two ground attachment points.

Elastomer machine mounts are attachment-free supports for machines. The integrated level mechanism allows accurate height adjustment of machines on uneven undergrounds. For low to medium transverse forces, the elastomer machine mount can optionally be installed without anchoring by placing it on an underlay mat.