In physics, dampers are mechanical systems that convert oscillation energy into other forms of energy, for example thermal energy. Dampers aim to minimize the physical displacement (amplitude) of a system caused by vibration. They are also applied to shorten the decay time of an oscillation.

Our engineers at CFM Schiller calculate if damping of a system is necessary based on the computer aided analysis of the mechanical system. Damped systems can consist of stand-alone dampers, which are mounted in addition to existing spring elements. Furthermore, combinations of viscous dampers and springs are possible for most types and sizes of air springs and steel spring isolators from CFM Schiller

For damped vibration isolation applications, CFM Schiller uses dampers with widely temperature-stable and high-viscosity media, which function multi-axially. Our in-house testing laboratory and metrology enable us at CFM Schiller to design customized dampers and verify their function and quality.