Vehicle Inertia Measuring Machine

Based on a draft from RWTH Aachen University, CFM Schiller has developed a measuring system for vehicles and components. The VIMM quickly and precisely determines weight, position of center of mass, mass moment of inertia, and product of inertia of the specimen. 

Besides vehicles as a whole, assemblies and component parts can be tested as specimens as well. CFM Schiller offers this special measuring system to customers for sale and additionally carries out measuring services with the VIMM in our company.

The measuring system is designed for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 3.5 tons (7716 lb).

Application & Technical Advantage

  • Tremendous reduction in testing time thanks to one single test setup
  • Measuring time incl. setup & alignment for one vehicle approx. 2.5 h
  • High accuracy and reproducibility of measuring results
  • System calibration is possible on-site
  • Testing procedure is very simple to handle
  • VIMM measures ten inertia parameters fully automated
  • No reconfiguration of test setup necessary
  • Easy positioning of vehicle, measuring machine can be driven on
  • Modification allows measuring of components
  • Real-time operating system
  • Excellent economic and energy efficiency
Top view
Revolute joint
Main component
VIMM with specimen