CFM Axle Fixture Systems allow a stiff mounting of entire axle systems or chassis components for fatigue testing, chassis analysis, or testing of axle kinematics. Our proven standard axle fixture systems like the EAB Type II or EAB Type IV are cost-effective, modularly extendible, and have a short delivery period. These can be modified for special applications or alternatively, the CFM Engineers develop tailor-made special solutions with you

An axle fixture system consists of a framework that has been optimized regarding natural frequency. Different modular brackets can be adapted stiffly to this framework. These brackets are used to mount specimens and – depending on the axle fixture type – are also used to attach servo-hydraulic actuators and measuring instruments. Also depending on type, the brackets or the axle fixture framework itself feature T-slots for flexible mounting. Therefore, the specimens can be positioned in correct relation to the applied forces from the servo-hydraulic actuators.

Upon customer’s request, CFM Schiller designs complex axle fixture systems with application of forces and moments for loads on the engine mount, on the subframe, and both on and in the drive shaft. Axle fixture systems can optionally be designed for testing under corrosive conditions. We meet your special requirements with our extensive know-how in development of automotive testing solutions.

Adaption of the axle specimens is realized through specific adapter sets, which CFM Schiller individually calculates, designs, and manufactures for every axle. The modular adapters connect the axle to the axle fixture system. This system allows operation of existing CFM Axle Fixture Systems for nearly all testing and development applications.

The adapters and the axle fixture systems itself are generally designed with a maximum of stiffness. Optionally, we design adapter sets that represent the defined vehicle’s body stiffness as realistically as possible.

Axle fixture system for light trucks

Lift table for axle fixture systems

The lift table for mounting of our standard axle fixture type II is a steel weldment with hot-dip galvanized, primed, and coated surfaces. To adapt the lift table to different axle geometries, its design features a base framework with a height adjustable table top. The table top has T-slots according to DIN 650 to mount the axle fixture.

Height adjustment is realized either manually or electrically at customer’s option. Clamping of the height adjustment mechanism can be manually or hydraulically with clamp bushings. CFM Schiller offers customized lift tables for special applications like the salt spray test for vehicle axles.

Lift table with standard axle fixture from CFM Schiller