Quality Management

The quality management system of CFM Schiller is based on the specifications from ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and has been developed as a tool for the execution of the quality policies. The certification has been implemented since 2008. 

Our Certifications

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is one of our most important corporate principles. We achieve this through high quality and reliability of our products and services. The standards for quality are set by the customer. Hence, the customer’s opinion about our quality is crucial. Our suppliers are of vital importance to the quality of our products. The right choices of suppliers and the used materials form the base for our quality assurance. Each employee contributes to the quality of our goods and services through his personal dedication. We furthermore ensure that all activities relevant to quality and product safety are thoroughly planned, controlled, and monitored. 


To assure the quality of our products and services, the requirements are defined by all interested parties at the beginning of the development process. These requirements are documented and will be checked regularly during the entire course of the project. The produced goods are also examined multiple times in the value added process. This begins with the "Worker’s self-control" of every single produced part and ends with the final acceptance carried out by our QA department before delivery. To survey the stated requirements, classic tools of dimension measurement are applied. We also make use of tactile and optical measuring equipment (Keyence XM Systeme) for quality inspection.