Customized Solutions for Large Load Portals

Load frames are used for a variety of static and dynamic testing applications. Forces are applied vertically in most cases, but can be realized in almost any other configuration, too. 

For testing within a load range from 25 kN to 600 kN, we recommend our modular MOCOKIT® system. These standard load frames are an economic solution, particularly for component part testing with varying test setups. CFM Schiller calculates, designs, and manufactures customized load frames for all applications with higher loads than 600 kN; loads can be as high as 30 MN.

The 2-column or 4-column load frames from CFM Schiller are steel weldments with rectangular or circular cross sections. The cross traverses are, depending on load range and application, either continuously or incrementally adjustable. Clamping is realized with screws, clamp bushings, or hydraulic fasteners.

Load frames from CFM Schiller meet the high requirements of the modern testing industry. This includes automated adjustment, automatic clamping, and smooth precision guides.

Our extensive experience and state of the art engineering systems allow us to design, manufacture, and commission high quality products for you. The in-house production processes guarantee best products in terms of technology, usability, and costs.

Load frame from CFM Schiller


  • 2-column and 4-column load frames
  • Rectangular or circular columns
  • Incremental or continuous height adjustment
  • Adjustment: manually with crane or integrated
  • Cross traverse with actuator adapters
  • Actuator adapter with rolling unit for easy positioning


  • Component part testing
  • Concrete component testing
  • Wooden component testing
  • Composite materials testing
  • Automotive applications
  • Aviation applications
  • Railway applications
  • Axle bending tests
  • Wheel reversed bending tests
  • Multiaxial bogie testing
  • Ladder frame bending tests
  • Stabilisator testing