Hydraulic Foundation Interlock


The hydraulic interlock is activated before the seismic mass is accessed by vehicles. Operation of the interlock is carried out manually by means of a key switch. The hydraulic cylinders extend to the underside of the concrete foundation without lifting it. When the cylinders have reached the end position, the level control system is automatically switched into "Watch Mode". Vice versa, the level control is reactivated when the foundation interlock is deactivated.

Before the foundation interlock is completely deactivated, the level control system readjusts the air springs in order to compensate additional loads. The control of the hydraulic foundation interlock is directly linked to the level control system of the vibration isolation. This safety measure eliminates failures due to malfunction of the hydraulic interlock or the level control system. 

Fields of application:

  • Large machine tools for precision surface finishing with pallet changer systems.
  • Applications that do not tolerate a displacement of the current level through additional static loads.
Hydraulic foundation interlock with steel springs
Layout view: hydraulic foundation interlock
Drawing of a hydraulic foundation interlock