Climate and environmental protection

Our commitment to climate and environmental protection

Sustainability and environmental compatibility are becoming increasingly important to CFM Schiller in the development and manufacture of our products. We are more and more concentrating on the avoidance of so-called "substances of concern" in our products and are striving for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient product development.

The impact on the environment and human health associated with the preliminary stages of production, the production itself, distribution, use and disposal of our products is becoming increasingly important on the path to sustainable development.

At CFM, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions caused by our engineering and administrative work and production facilities as much as possible.
We continuously invest in new production facilities with low energy consumption and in energy-saving lighting. We have also made extensive investments in generating electrical energy through solar panels and battery storage.

Our modern 333 KW photovoltaic system consists of 1074 monocrystalline Q.Cells - Q.PEAK high-performance modules with 310 KW, 6 SMA TriPower Core 1 inverters and the SOLAR LOG management system and feeds our new 432 kWh TESVOLT battery storage. This helps us to produce up to 82% of our annual electricity demand in a CO2-neutral way. Our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.


ISO 14001:2015
In spring 2020, we introduced DIN EN ISO 14001 to the CFM Schiller company. This is the internationally recognized standard for environmental management and protection.