Steel Spring Isolators

CFM Schiller produces steel spring isolators with or without integrated viscous damping. They are primarily applied for supports of plants and machines that have an excitation frequency above approx. 3 Hz or that emit impulse excitations. The viscous damper plays a key role in the successful vibration isolation. The natural frequencies of our steel spring isolators range from 1.5 Hz to 6.1 Hz, depending on the type.

In addition to the standard types, CFM Schiller also designs and manufactures isolators and dampers that specifically suit your application. These special designs can include isolators and dampers made from corrosion-resistant materials.

Our in-house TÜV-certified testing laboratory enables us at CFM Schiller to verify the quality of our produced products and to perform fatigue tests on them. 

CFM Schiller produces steel spring isolators in 4 standard types, which are all quickly shippable. By applying highly automated production processes, we are able to offer products of high quality with an optimal price-performance ratio.