3D-Positioning Systems

Besides X-Y positioning systems, which are typically used for positioning of poster systems, CFM Schiller offers 3-dimensional positioning systems. These are particularly applied when positioning specimen and loading mechanism towards each other.

The following two examples show applications and technical characteristics. Depending on customer preferences, traversing and clamping mechanisms can each be carried out either manually or automated, individually for every degree of freedom. The positioning system can also be designed with only certain translatory or rotatory degrees of freedom. We at CFM Schiller are looking forward to offering you a nonbinding quotation for your specific application.

3-axial Positioning System for Head Impact Pendulum

The 3-dimensional positioning system from CFM Schiller allows adaption and positioning of a head impact pendulum. It offers adjustment of the impact mechanism towards the specimen in longitudinal, transversal, and vertical direction.

The 3D-positioning system basically comprises a clamping plate, a Y-positioning plate, and a thereon mounted column that can traverse in X direction. This column holds the angle bracket, which traverses in Z direction and furthermore adapts the head impact pendulum. All axes are traversed by means of spindle drives and electric motors.

Linear motion is performed along T-slots, which are also used for clamping. For this purpose, hydraulic spring clamping cylinders are applied. They create a safe and high-strength connection between the respective plates when depressurized. Applying hydraulic pressure releases them and allows motion of the components.

The control system controls the fully automated releasing and clamping as well as manual or automated traversing along the linear axes. Manually navigated positions can be saved to a database. In following tests, they can be approached again automatically. This ensures time-effective testing with high repeatability. 
The PLC also receives and displays position signals from reference switches. An analysis of the signals increases positioning accuracy, because position errors are not accumulated.

3D-positioning system from CFM Schiller

4-axial Positioning System for Side Impact Pendulum

The 4-axial positioning system from CFM Schiller offers an additional fourth rotatory degree of freedom about the vertical axis. It is used in abuse testing for vehicles axles. The respective axle is adapted to the CFM Axle Fixture System, which itself is flanged to the 4-axial positioning system. This way, the specimen can be positioned and rotated towards the impact mechanism in virtually any possible way.

Its basic design is analogous to the 3D-positioning system. Positioning plates are equipped with T-slots and precise linear guides. Translatory positioning is realized by means of spindle drives and electric motors, controlled by the PLC. Clamping with fully automated spring clamping cylinders is also analogous. The additional rotation of the Z column with axle fixture system about ±90° is realized through a rotation plate with external gears and electric motor.

The control system features the same functions as in the three-dimensional version. It is only extended with rotatory drive controls, necessary sensors for the positioning accuracy, and the clamping mechanism for the rotation plate.

4-axial positioning system with axle fixture system
4-axial positioning system with axle fixture system