MOCOKIT® Reaction Brackets

Reaction brackets from CFM Schiller are a functional mounting system for servo-hydraulic actuators, specimens, and other components needed for testing. They are designed for test setups on clamping plates with T-slots in all conventional sizes. Reaction brackets as part of our modular MOCOKIT® system are available in various versions and for different load ranges. Besides our standard types, we develop and manufacture your customized reaction bracket.

Advantages of the MOCOKIT® reaction bracket:

  • Flexible, multifunctional clamping and mounting
  • Cost-effective standard product
  • Designed for the T-slot size of your clamping plate
  • Various setups possible thanks to 90°-rotated mounting
  • Highly stiff steel weldment for minimum deflection during testing
  • Eye bolts for transportation and positioning with a crane
  • Manual clamping on clamping plate with screws
  • Maintenance-free, low-care quality product

Mocokit Universal Reaction Brackets

Universal reaction brackets are mainly used for simple clamping of adapters and testing components. The clamping face is realized with either T-slots or a grid of threaded holes. The standard sizes and distances of each clamping method depend on the corresponding MOCOKIT® series.

MOCOKIT®T-Slots (DIN 650)Threaded Holes
25--M1690 x 90 mm
6518H1275 mmM1675 x 75 mm
25028H12 100 mmM24100 x 100 mm
40028H12  200 mmM24200 x 200 mm
60036H12250 mmM30250 x 250 mm
Universal reaction bracket with T-slots
Universal reaction bracket with grid of threaded holes

MOCOKIT Reaction Brackets with Vertical Adjustment

Reaction brackets with vertical adjustment allow adaption and exact positioning of servo-hydraulic actuators. For maximum flexibility in your test setups, CFM Schiller offers the following versions:

  • Vertical adjustment in Z direction with a crank handle
  • Actuator adapter rotatable around Y axis for inclined application of force
  • Reaction bracket rotatable around Z axis, mounted on rotation plate
  • Combination of all 3 degrees of freedom, depending on MOCOKIT® series

All adjustment mechanisms are manually clamped with screws. Adapter plates to attach the actuator are designed individually according to customer specifications. Existing reaction brackets can be upgraded for operation with new actuators thanks to the adapter plate system.


MOCOKIT®Vertical Adjustment (Z)Max. Rotation (Y)Rotation (Z)
25±350 mm±25°90°
65±250 mm / 500 mm±25°90°
250±250 mm / 500 mm±25°90°
400±250 mm / 500 mm--
600±450 mm--

Clamping Cubes

Clamping cubes from CFM Schiller are a practical alternative to reaction brackets. They are primarily used to mount small testing components, as adapters for height compensation, or to constrain the specimen. The clamping cube can be rotated so that the clamping face is available vertically or horizontally. Easily accessible slotted holes allow flexible positioning and fixation on the clamping plate.

CFM Schiller manufactures customized clamping cubes for the requirements of your testing applications. Clamping can be realized with T-slots or with threaded holes. Clamping cubes are available in variable sizes as steel weldments or made of gray cast iron.

Clamping Cube