Pressure Supplies

A vibration isolation system with air springs demands constant supply of compressed air. This aspect should be considered when planning a vibration-isolated foundation or a clamping plate with air springs.

To ensure faultless function of the vibration isolation system, air springs with 6 bar operating pressure require a supply pressure of at least 7 bar and a volumetric air flow of 300 l/min (636 ft3/h). The compressed air should be at least quality grade 3 according to ISO 8573-1:2010.

If your pressure supply is not sufficient, you can easily meet the requirements with additional compressed air components. The following list offers possibilities to increase air pressure.

Pressure Boosters

The air pressure booster ensures the required supply pressure of 7 bar.

Technical Data:

  • Pneumatic port: G1/4“
  • Air flow: 300 l/min

Including flange connection and pressure gauge connection set. 


CFM Schiller purchases compressors from renowned manufacturers. The devices are designed and built for industrial users with high requirements to long service life, reliability, and low maintenance. An individual, cost-effective solution for the supply of the required pressures and air flow rates is selected from a wide range of products.