CFM Schiller offers extensive experience in design and manufacturing of customized tire test rigs. The following examples show some of our produced test rigs for tire development in the fields of endurance testing, acoustics, and force measurements.

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Endurance Test Rig

Endurance Test Rig

CFM Schiller has recently developed and delivered a test rig for endurance testing of commercial vehicle tires. In this test rig, a maximum force of 250 kN is applied to tires with a diameter between 1 000 and 2 500 mm (39.4”-98.4”) and a width of up to 1 000 mm. The velocity is continuously adjustable to a maximum value of 160 km/h (100 mph). This test rig allows the simultaneous examination of two tires with different sizes and different applied forces at the same velocity. 

Tire test rig for endurance testing by CFM Schiller


Actively Controlled Tire Test Rig

This CFM Schiller tire test rig is used for the examination of tire characteristics on chassis dynamometers. The tire and the desired measuring instruments are attached to the test rig and can be moved and fixated horizontally and vertically.

The tire test rig is designed as a highly stiff and thus low-vibration steel structure. Heavy-duty linear guides and two hydraulic actuators allow precise vertical movement of the lifting platform. The actively controlled lift in Z-direction realizes continuously variable, fully-automated application of vertical force up to 35 kN between tire and roller drum. A spindle-driven linear support and hydraulic spring clamping cylinders are mounted on top of the lifting platform; thus allowing automated movement and fixation of the tire in Y-direction with a hand panel. This technology offers time-efficient and economic testing on a chassis dynamometer with different road surfaces next to each other on one roller. The current Y- and Z-positions are determined by means of a rotary encoder and position transducers, respectively. Load cells identify the current vertical force during static testing. The active control automatically moves the test rig in Z-direction until the preset vertical force is achieved. The measuring instruments for the tire characteristics will be integrated into the test rig and the control circuit customer-specifically.

Actively controlled tire test rig from CFM Schiller

Tire Test Rig with Application of Preload

This CFM Schiller tire test rig with manual application of preload is intended for testing of tire noises in a laboratory environment. Tire diameters from 13” to 22” can be tested.

The tire test rig can be manually moved with a pallet jack allowing a flexible placement of the test rig. The wheel adapter, which is equipped with preloaded tapered roller bearings, can be manually adjusted in height with a crank handle. The springs are designed in such a way that they are similar to the stiffness of a vehicle suspension. They enable testing with forces between approx. 3 000 N and 7 000 N. The springs can be disabled for testing without spring stiffness. Toe and camber properties are both manually adjustable.

Tire test rig with application of preload from CFM Schiller

Wheel / Tire Test Rig

For determination of forces to the wheel and examination of tire noise during operation

To determine structure-borne and airborne sounds on wheel and tire systems under different operating conditions, adjustable test rigs are necessary. This test rig offers manual adjustability of toe and slip angle.

The natural frequency of the structure is >300 Hz in order to achieve correct measurement results. Integrated air springs and a pinned support allow elastic support of the wheel adapter. The air springs are furthermore used to continuously adjust the tire loading. For testing under fixed conditions, the test rig components are clamped by means of screws. The load cell, measuring instruments, and the specimen are attached to the test rig with customized adapters.

Wheel / tire test rig from CFM Schiller