Seismic Masses

The foundation for most dynamic test rigs or other oscillating machines are vibration-isolated seismic masses.

In combination with air springs or steel spring isolators, they prevent inertial forces or vibrations to be transmitted from the machine to the building or other sensitive machines. CFM Schiller carries out the entire development of the seismic masses including the plant planning and supply of further necessary components of the CFM Vibration Isolation Systems. We also offer turnkey solutions for your seismic mass projects. 

We accompany you before and during the construction phase worldwide to ensure that the seismic masses are constructed properly according to the specifications. This service guarantees you the correct execution of construction works that are not ordinary for most contracting businesses. Our seismic masses are foundations that usually consist of a concrete body with integrated anchoring elements produced by CFM Schiller. High-strength anchors provide a dynamically fatigue rated connection of clamping plates, clamping rails, or base plates to the top of the foundation. 

Experience and competence: 
More than 1 500 installations worldwide.

Schwingfundamente von CFM Schiller
CFM Airspring Type GRB 2480-1200 ZV
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Vibration Isolation For Wood Sawmill

As a specialized company for vibration isolation systems we have planned and built a 220 ton seismic mass for Wimmer Holzbau in Fridolfing. Without the highly insulating vibration foundation, it would not have been possible to operate a new Möhringer i-FRAME sawmill, as the vibrations generated during operation would have affected the surrounding area and neighbouring buildings. In the surrounding neighbouring buildings, this would have led to vibrations and stress on the people living there and high-precision equipment.

Another vibration foundation from CFM to protect people and the environment.