MOCOKIT® - Modular Construction Kit

The Modular Clamping System for Your Test Setups

Are you operating your own testing laboratory for component testing or planning a new one?

Apart from servo-hydraulic components like linear and rotary actuators, you also need appropriate fixtures to mount actuators and specimens flexibly and safely. When test setups are frequently modified, modular solutions are particularly useful in order to minimize investment costs.

With our universal modular construction kit MOCOKIT®, we provide you with the flexibility you need in your daily business – high quality at affordable prices. MOCOKIT® is specially tailored to meet the requirements of component testing and fulfils the demands of state of the art test labs in terms of rigidity, mounting, and versatility. Design and completeness of the MOCOKIT® system are unmatched in the market.

Actuators and specimens are easily mounted with customized adapter plates, which can be supplied by the customer or manufactured by us. Various sizes, graded by their maximum permissible static load, allow you to construct test frames for static forces up to 600 kN. All screw joints are slip resistant, thus guaranteeing a high stiffness of the joints even under reversed bending loads.

Only few tools are needed to modify the components to a new test setup. Base for the construction of a MOCOKIT® system are clamping plates with T-slots. These clamping plates made of cast iron, steel or special materials are also part of the wide product range from CFM Schiller.

We look forward to assisting you in the selection of the required components for your particular test setup.


Offered Standard Sizes MOCOKIT®

SeriesMax. Actuator ForceAdjustment
* continuous adjustment possible with clamping flange
MOCOKIT® 25approx. 25 kN static or 18 kN dynamiccontinous*
MOCOKIT® 65approx. 65 kN static or 46,8 kN dynamic75 mm increments / continuous*
MOCOKIT® 250approx. 250 kN static or 180 kN dynamic100 mm increments / continuous*
MOCOKIT® 400approx. 400 kN static or 288 kN dynamic200 mm increments
MOCOKIT® 600approx. 600 kN static or 500 kN dynamic250 mm increments


MOCOKIT ROUND is the new supplement to the modular system MOCOKIT.

250 | 400 | 600 | 1000 KN

MOCOKIT ROUND is especially designed for testing applications where high guiding accuracy, automatic clamping and stepless adjustment of the crossheads is required. MOCOKIT ROUND is compatible with most components from the CFM MOCOKIT modular system. MOCOKIT ROUND allows especially flexible load frames with tensile pressure applications e.g. for material specimen testing, and component testing. It is possible to assemble two (2) or four (4) column load frames. MOCOKIT ROUND is available in 250 kN, 400 kN, 600 kN and 1000 kN. The clamping of the crossbars to the guide columns is done by hydraulic clamping elements which allow safe and automatic clamping. Height adjustment is carried out by means of electric spindle drives, which allow precise adjustment and at the same time serve as a safe element against lowering of the cross beam. This variant is much safer than vertical adjustment by means of hydraulic cylinders.

MOCOKIT ROUND configuration "cylinder hanging"
MOCOKIT ROUND configuration "cylinder standing"


MOCOKIT ROUND consists of the following main components:

  • base plate
  • guide column
  • Column clamping unit
  • Hydraulic components for column clamping
  • Hydraulic supply for clamping, hydraulic power unit or hand pump
  • Electrical height adjustment unit with mechanical synchronization for 2-column load frames and additional electrical synchronization for 4-column load frames
Column with base plate
Column clamping unit



  • CFM MOCOKIT beams or cross beams can be used as cross beams
  • For 4-column load frames, rotary units can also be used for the crosshead
  • MOCOKIT cross beams with hanging actuator or also top mounted actuator can be used
  • Supplied as a complete system or as a guide column, column clamping unit and vertical drives
  • MOCOKIT ROUND off ers very high stiff ness and low deformation under full load


Base plates:
For the construction of the load frame, we also off er base plates made of steel or cast iron that are designed exactly for the max. loads, ensuring the best performance.

Special solutions:

Are you looking for a complete test stand based on CFM MOCOKIT and MOCOKIT ROUND, with uniaxial or multi-axial force application? We will be pleased to work out a suitable solution for you.

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