Vibration-Isolated Laboratory Tables

Laboratory tables are generally used for passive vibration isolation of sensitive devices and measuring instruments.

Laboratory and working tables from CFM Schiller feature a vibration-decoupled working surface. The table top is equipped with a low-frequency and self-leveling vibration isolation system. The decoupled table top is supported on at least 4 membrane air springs type MAS, which are fully integrated into the framework’s columns. The standard vibration isolation system is equipped with a 3-point level control. Depending on the chosen level control valve, the control system is able to realize an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm.

A control and maintenance unit for compressed air supply is mounted to the framework. The natural frequency is approximately 2.3 Hz. If desired, laboratory tables can be provided with a natural frequency as low as 1.0 Hz.

Technical description:

  • Very stiff framework made of steel in appealing design with modular configuration. Surfaces painted or powder-coated at customer’s option.
  • Table legs with integrated membrane air springs type MAS with a vertical natural frequency between 2.3 Hz and 1.0 Hz, depending on customer preference. Membrane air springs include adjustable damping. Table legs feature leveling feet.
  • Vibration isolation system is equipped with a 3-point level control. The mechanically controlled system CFM MC 300-MAS is offered as standard. Upon request, the active electronic level control system CFM EC 303 will be installed.
  • Highly precise 3-point level control system with control and maintenance unit, which guarantees an accuracy of ±0.5 mm.
  • Table top made of granite, epoxy granite, or gray cast iron. Surface finished or polished. Table top can be provided with threaded hole pattern.
  • Arm rests as well as computer and monitor mountings upon customer’s request and your specifications.
  • Optional wheels for easy movement of the laboratory table.
Vibration-isolated laboratory table with arm rest

Fields of application: 

  • sensitive optical measuring instruments
  • sensitive precision scale
  • metrological devices and testing instruments
  • laser technology equipment
  • medical precision devices
Labortische in der Anwendung
Luftfeder und Wartungseinheit
Labortische in der Anwendung

Laboratory table for 3D image-guided coordinate measuring machine

For the isolated installation of optical 3D measuring systems such as the Keyence 3D coordinate measuring machine of the XM series, we manufacture mobile vibration-isolated measuring tables. Especially when the 3D measuring system is used in the workshop area and vibrations are generated in the building by crane, forklift traffic or machines, it is indispensable to protect the high-precision measuring device from these vibrations.

The vibration-isolated laboratory table consists of the base frame with integrated CFM MAS 25 air springs and a precise granite top according to DIN 876/II. The granite top can also be used as a precision measuring table. The base frame is also mounted on steerable castors so that the measuring instrument can be moved to the location of the measurement.

For the compressed air supply of the air spring system with level control, an integrated compressed air tank is installed, which allows the use of the table for a certain period of time even without a fixed compressed air connection.


Technical Data:

Length: 1500 mm
Width: 800 mm
Working height: 913 mm
Total weight without assembly: approx. 487 kg

The vibration-isolated measuring tables can be supplied in the standard size mentioned above or also in individual sizes.

Schwingisolierter Labortisch in Anwendung