Head Restraint Performance Test Rig

CFM Schiller offers test rigs for performance testing of the vehicle components backrest and head restraint.

They comply with testing standards and regulations FMVSS 202, ECE R17 and R25 as well as AIS 016. 

The test rig system comprises three identical seat loading units, which are movably mounted on a large clamping plate. The test specimens – up to three car seats – are also positioned and fixed on the clamping plate. The distance between the seat loading units can be manually adjusted in Y direction. Each unit is also manually adjustable in X and Z direction in order to flexibly adapt the test setup to different specimens.

Each seat loading unit is equipped with two electric actuators for application of load to the backrest and the head restraint. The backrest is tested with a back dummy, generating a static moment about the H-point. A head dummy on the second actuator applies a static force to the head restraint. The three specimens can each be loaded with different forces and moments at the same time.

Measurement is realized through load cells on each electric actuator as well as a rotary encoder in each H-point. Additionally, the actuator’s force, displacement, and pitch angle are included for the analysis. The integrated control system from CFM Schiller both carries out and visually evaluates the testing.

Please feel free to contact us for details about the dimensions and kinematics.

Head restraint performance test rig from CFM Schiller