Mobile Crash Block

Due to continuously increasing requirements for test series to examine crash safety of vehicles, CFM Schiller designed and manufactured a new Mobile Crash Block with advanced technologies.

The battery-powered crash block system significantly improves the crash test capacities and flexibility. 

The body of the Mobile Crash Block (MCB) is a reinforced concrete structure. All side surfaces are equipped with specially anchored, T-slotted clamping plates. They serve as mounting interfaces for crash barriers. The Mobile Crash Block stands on four hydraulically driven, steerable drive units. This way, any movement of the crash block is possible on the test lab area.

The drive units with integrated lifting cylinders are fully hydraulically actuated. The hydraulic power supply is realized by means of a hydraulic power unit including all necessary control cabinets. All components are mounted on top of the concrete block. To protect them against damages during crash tests, they are supported in a shock-isolated way. All operating functions of the crash block are controlled by means of a wireless handheld panel with color touch display. 

Mobile Crash Block from CFM Schiller for BMW Munich
Acceleration track
Impact of specimen
Rear view
Side view