Side Door Intrusion Test Rig

CFM Schiller manufactures side intrusion test rigs according to the technical regulations "Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard" (FMVSS).

They are applied for testing of the specimen according to FMVSS No. 214 “Side impact protection”. The side intrusion test rigs from CFM Schiller comply with all demanded requirements. 

This side and door intrusion test rig is designed for forces up to 150 kN. The structure of the framework is based on a FE-Analysis and is manufactured as a highly stiff steel weldment. Height adjustment is realized for an interval of approx. 450 – 1 200 mm. A drive motor and spindles allow automatic height adjustment, clamping is realized manually. Additionally, the framework can be positioned in X and Y direction within an interval of ±150 mm on a T-slotted base plate. The side intrusion test rig is equipped with all relevant sensors. 

The intrusion unit (Moving Barrier) is interchangeable with other units that are available in different sizes. The barriers can also be extended vertically in increments of 50 mm. The extension pieces are mounted to the basic barrier with screws.

Barriers are available in the following dimensions:

  • Ø 300 mm, edges with 12 mm fillet radius
  • Ø 305 mm, edges with 13 mm fillet radius

    Additionally, we offer barriers for testing of under-run protection devices. These comprise the rear (RUPD), front (FUPD), and side (SUPD) under-run protection devices of commercial vehicles.


Side intrusion test rig from CFM Schiller